Kathleen Cullen

James Hyde Redi-Mix

March 3 - April 12, 2010


Kathleen Cullen is pleased to present the third & final installment of Redi-Mix, an almost-solo-project of works by James Hyde. Every two weeks the show has changed with Hyde switching paintings, but as well a constantly evolving group show has taken place. Alongside Hyde's paintings, sculpture, photography, paintings, drawings, prints and multiples by emerging, established and historical artists have been part of the Redi-Mix, appearing every two weeks like guests to a cocktail party.


With this final set Hyde continues to present a variety of his recent paintings--photographic prints which form the physical ground but also the image-space on which Hyde builds his painterly compositions. Styrofoam, papier-mâché, blocks of wood, tape, as well as paint--matte & glossy; thick & thin--form Hyde's painting kit. Hyde's emphatically material painting slathers and dissects pictures of unfinished building sites, late night reveries, and fragmented views of nature. Often startling, these paintings show Hyde engaging the world through the technical and emotional framework of abstract painting.


This show includes Paintings by Rashawn Griffin, E.J.Hauser, Nancy Haynes, Catherine Chiao-Ju Lan, Sean Mellyn, Holt Quentel, Wallace Whitney and Alexi Worth. Sculptures by Diana Cooper, Mike Metz, Ray Smith and Ruth Vollmer. Photographs and Prints by Alpers-Hyde-Kulok, Stuart Davis, Barney Kulok, Constantin Brancusi, Josiah McElheny, Abelardo Morell and Erin Shirreff will be on view. With this installation we continue our project to transform the gallery to an animated salon – a place to make unexpected connections between the familier and the new.


Redi-Mix-- the third installment-- will be open from Saturday March 3, 2010, through April 12, 2010. Please visit us at Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts at 526 West 26th Street, Suite 605, New York, NY


Artists included in the first and second mixes---


Second Mix- Jan Groover, Lucas Blalock, Fabienne Lasserre, Paul Lee,

Joe Fyfe, Thomas Lindvig, Curtis Mann, Dieter Roth and Bridget Riley.


First Mix- Patrick Chamberlain, Christina Empedocles, Daphne Fitzpatrick, Ezra Johnson, Molly Larkey, Cary Leibowitz, Shannon Lucy, Joyce Robins, Mi Young Sohn, Michael St. John, Meyer Vaisman, and Julie Wachtel.