Kathleen Cullen

California Girls: Jennifer Celio, Alika Cooper, Christina Empedocles

June 23 - July 31, 2011


Opening Reception Thursday June 23, 6-8 pm


Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts is proud to present three California artists whose work is based on the iconography of myth; specifically the mythic west coast, a land of swimming pools and movie stars.


Alika Cooper, Christina Empedocles and Jennifer Celio are each inspired by objects and motifs associated with the Golden State. Alika Cooper’s fabric collages and oil paintings incorporate mellow and soft shades that exhibit visions of love. Whether they’re merely grids of stars or a couple’s embrace, Cooper colors these pictures with such warmth and sincerity. Christina Empedocles' meticulous work rediscovers the uncanny authority of everyday objects. And Jennifer Celio's attentive drawings recreate the delicate equilibrium which exists between man and nature in the verdant forests of Muir Woods.


Together, these three artists invite us to question the power of geography as a means of shaping representation and identity.