Kathleen Cullen

Pietro Costa's Bloodwork (1989-2001)



Nick Wildermuth


Kathleen Cullen Gallery is pleased to present the work of Nick Wildermuth. The exhibition of small paintings opens Saturday March 21st from 6 to 8 and runs through Saturday April 11.


Artist Statement


My works are contemporary still life paintings depicting accumulations of domestic decorations such as plants, abstract sculptures and other objects. These objects are broken down into basic shapes, patterns and colors, which are set against simplified and subtle backdrops. I layer the paint using a variety of techniques and mediums creating interesting contrasts in color and texture throughout the paintings. The differing color compositions are capable of triggering different emotional reactions from happy and content to sad and lonely. These paintings are compacted glimpses into larger living spaces.




Nick Wildermuth was born in Southern California in 1981. Nick Wildermuth began studying painting at the California State University of Fullerton where in 2008 he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. In 2010 Nick Wildermuth moved to San Francisco, California in order to attend Graduate School at the San Francisco Art Institute. In 2012 Nick earned his Master’s Degree in Fine Arts. In 2013 Nick Wildermuth’s work was featured in the New American Paintings magazine during the Pacific Northwest Competition. During the summer of 2014 Nick Wildermuth moved to Brooklyn, New York where he continues his studio practice. Nick Wildermuth’s most recent exhibitions include shows at A.muse Gallery, San Francisco, Mine Gallery, Marin. In March of 2015 Nick Wildermuth work will be apart of Sketching the Line exhibition throughout Toronto, Edmonton, and Calgary in Canada as well as a painting exhibition at Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts in Brooklyn New York.