Kathleen Cullen

When the Revolution Comes

November 30, 2006 - January 6, 2007


Works by Nate Lowman, Holt Quental, Ofer Wolberger, Nancy Grossman, Josh Smith, Alex McQuilkin, Joshua Weintraub, AJ Bocchino, Ellwyn Palmerton, Jon Boles and Michael St. John


The irony and sincerity of it all?


Theoretic chaos has replaced the idealistic thinking of old - and, unable to reconstitute theoretic order, men and women have condemned idealism itself.


"We live in a trailer on the edge of town..."


Doubt has replaced hopefulness and men and women act out a defeatism that is labeled realistic.


"You never see us 'cause we don't come around..."


The decline of utopia and hope is in fact one of the defining features of social life today...


"We've got twenty-five rifles just to keep the population down..."


...To be idealist is to be considered apocalytpic, deluded, to have no serious aspirations; on the contrary is to be "tough-minded."


"...but we need you now, and that's why I'm hanging 'round."


Sincerely, the revolution will never come and ironically, people still die trying.


- Above quoted from The Port Huron Statement and "Revolution Blues" by Neil Young.