Kathleen Cullen

Ugly, Broke, Sober


October 18 - November 24, 2012


Opening Reception October 18

An exhibition devoted to the celebration of everything we're encouraged to avoid and deny. No one wants to think of themselves as falling within the Ugly Broke Sober category -- they all want to be Beautiful and Successful and High (whether chemically or on the wings of their own invention and spirit). But if we deny ugliness, then beauty can no longer be beautiful, because it needs its opposite to define itself; if we fear poverty, then our involvement with money becomes desperate and degrading; if sobriety is suspect, then enjoying a stone becomes a trap rather than an alternative way of seeing and experiencing things. - Nicole V. Gagne


Artisits: A.K. Burns, Al Hansen, Alex McQuilkin, Andy Mister, Borna Sammak, Brent Wadden, Brigid Berlin, Erik Wysocan, Ernesto Burgos, Henry Taylor, Julia Rommel, Leo Gabin, Mark Hagen, Marlon Mullen, Max Snow, Michael St. John, Nathan Azhderian, Nicole Wittenberg, Paul Lee, Peter Coffin, Peter Demos, Sean Dack, Tolland Mansfield, and others.