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Taona Sonakul - Foto Constructs


May 11 - June 8, 2012


Art-Rated Review

NY Art Beat Review


Opening Reception: May 11, 6 - 9 pm


Taona Sonakul’s work captures the metaphysics of nature; such as earth, air, fire, water, and light. Sonakul breaks down the barrier between a staged scenic photograph and natural forms. To open the viewer up to re-experiencing actual interaction with an immersion in a natural force is Sonakul’s intention. Sonakul’s art is not about formal arrangement, but about the ever-shifting nature of perception and feeling as an individual-with what tools they have at hand-encounters the world. Sonakul projects her own sense of self onto these images to find what appears to be navels, nipples, and body curves; garment falls, fret-boards, fretwork, and even chords and transpositions in the surfaces around her. It is a masterly example of Sonakul making something out of nothing, conjuring, through cubistic phenomenology, an oblique self-portrait in the depersonalizing void of a largely prefabricated life. Between static form and growth, lies the strength that allows us all to relate, and Taona Sonakul captures that capacity with faithful brilliance.