Kathleen Cullen

Peter Maslow: Paintings

May 31 - June 26, 2007


Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts is pleased to present Peter Maslow: Paintings. In his work, Maslow uses vibrant colors and energetic, gestural movements to create a sense of depth in order to deal with the complex psychological themes of connectivity and memory. “Memory” he describes as “the inherited associations existing in our subconscious, the significance of ‘place’, of identity.” Maslow believes that the way we perceive these memories, which tend to be far removed from our actual experiences, affect the distance of our connections. Unlike many painters who direct the viewer’s eye down a certain path of truth, Malsow leaves the door cracked open giving the viewer the experience of their own interpretation. The Maslow believes that memory and connectivity are not a conscious narrative process and he does not limit the viewer’s categorical perceptions nor does he hold them back through architectural limitations. The things that inform our identities are mimicry, habit, physiology and chemistry. Even when we attempt to explore these issues, we are incapable of illuminating our mind’s eye to leave any true lasting impression. He likens his work to a wrestling match, both in the action of the overall composition and psychological struggle in our minds over perceived realities.