Kathleen Cullen

Nathan Raisen


Nathan Raisen on the musical influence in his work:


“My work is meant for someone in bed to contemplate without being overwhelmed.”


Nathan’s work takes on a musical quality in the Baroque style. His father was a violinist and his sister and brother in law were both musically oriented, providing Nathan with a solid musical upbringing that later became very important in his life and work. His goal is to establish a rhythm in his painting that repeats and then insert a small variation and repeat that and then combine the original to the variation to create a cohesive piece. In musical terms he creates two melodies that combine in the form of a sonata. His work is meant to be quiet and soft, subtle in its complexities without fear of being boring. In no way does he create music in the genre of Jazz or work that is aggressively expressionist, nor containing a single grand gesture but instead has a systematic theme with a variation.