Kathleen Cullen

Julia Wachtel

May 13 - June 18, 2011


Opening Reception Friday May 13


Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts announces its first exhibition of American painterJulia Wachtel. The exhibition will be a selection of Wachtel's latest paintings exploring the modern American landscape. Also to be featured are some of Wachtel's older works including "Landcape No. 5 (Mutant Ninja Chernobyl)" from 1991.


In her new work Julia Wachtel explores an American landscape overloaded with the flotsam of mass-produced media. Her paintings are characterized by the signs, corporate logos andbanners which dominate corporate culture. Wachtel's work is also imbued with a subtle darkness and an infectious joy. These new paintings, paired with her older works, further illuminate her thoughts on what culture is, where it's been and where it's going. In a world where the constant bombardment of information and stimuli is overwhelming, Julia Wachtel provides an interlude in which the demand to process the complexity of the visual world, both virtual and real, is reduced to the contemplation of a single dichotomy that is both familiar and disorienting.


Julia Wachtel has been featured in solo exhibitions at American Fine Arts, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago (1991), Galerie Georges-Phillipe Vallois, Crypt de L'Eglise del Assomption, Eglise de Aumenancourt, and the Centre d'Art Contemporain.