Kathleen Cullen


Opening January 7, 2011


Joni Mitchell is one of the most revered musicians of the last century. She is a confidant, sister, mother, seer and a personification of the artist as archetype. Her influence as a creative muse spans further than the world of music, and many a "lonely painter" has sought inspirations from her words and chords. Joni is an "artist's diva" - far from the glossy hooks of traditional radio pop stars, she has risen up through the record collections, mix tapes, CD jewel cases and Mp3 players - passed on from one sensitive soul to another for over four decades. The exhibiton will include works from contemporary artists who have all chosen Mitchell as their subject. Works will include performance, video, painting, drawing, textile, photography and sculpture.


Essay on Joni Mitchell and visual art: download pdf


Featured artists will include:


Chris Bogia

Christina Empedocles

Robert Goldsworthy

Erik Hanson

John Kelly

Keith Mayerson

Rachel Mason

Melanie Schiff

Jason Villegas

Abby Williams