Kathleen Cullen



Humor Risk


October 11 - November 8, 2014


Opening Reception Saturday October 11


A funny artwork can be the icebreaker to any exhibition, the means to cut through the seriousness of a gesture, the legitimacy of a space, the fog of art history. But what of latent humor, concealed behind any immediate reaction to a work?


"Humor Risk," a reference to the first, lost film of the Marx Brothers, is an exhibition of 15 works by emerging artists in Vancouver, the San Fransisco Bay Area, and New York. Innovative approaches to abstraction and subtle approaches to humor are shared between all the artists, many of whom have never exhibited together before.


David Bayus / cv
Maya Beaudry / cv
Ben Bigelow / cv
Ariel Dill / cv
Austin English / cv
Colleen Heslin / cv
Chris Hood / cv
Daniel Jefferies / cv
Graham Landin / cv
Deirdre McAdams / cv
Thomas McDonell / cv
Benjamin Phelan / cv
Evan Reiser / cv
Tamra Seal / cv
Lana Williams / cv


Curated by Daniel Jefferies of FIELD Contemporary in Vancouver, BC
and Evan Reiser of City Limits in Oakland, CA