Kathleen Cullen

Frank Brunner: New Works

April 16 - May 20, 2010


New York-based artist Frank Brunner fuses a traditional painting style with contemoprary ideas. Recently, his work has been dealing with the artificiality of nature and the complexity of image-making, expanding these boundaries by combining sculpture on the painted surface. This exhibtion includes five somber studies of the suitcase derived from photographs. Like Gerhard Richter, Brunner's images are progressively blurred and at times obliterated with paint strokes. The works are "melancholy and atmospheric...often about death, pain and memory."


Brunner's paintings are like visual poems. They are a dictionary of psychic spaces and rites of passage. Many of his ideas about paintings are reflections; windows and mirrors that act as metaphors which allow the artist to deconstruct the image in various ways.