Kathleen Cullen


November 16 - January 3, 2011


Kathleen Cullen is pleased to announce the group exhibition "Explicit" running from November 16th 2010 through January 3rd 2011.


Featuring Works by:


Vito Acconci

Maureen Connor

Bob Flanaghan

Nan Goldin

Lyle Ashton Harris

Mike Kelly

Richard Kern

Sean Landers

Pierre Molinier

Yusumasa Morimura

Jack Pierson

Carolee Schneeman

Lorna Simpson

Kiki Smith

Annie Sprinkle

Ike Ude


In this exhibition of works, Explicit reflects on the transient nature of art and our impulse to collect and protect it. Using contemporary and archival material, the gallery hopes to create a specific mood or "snapshot" of the bigger picture of how the "Explicit" choices in our personal life and art collection, our decor and reading material come to define us as we really are, or how they can be used to create the "character" of what we would like to be. For this show, the gallery has expanded to focus beyond the "safe" art collection and in doing so represents what could be the typical choices of the more adventuresome, urban individual.


Explicit includes important works from the 1970s through the 90s to include the following:


Vito Acconci uses radical body-related installations and performance art to create a psychologically intricate body of work that is often viewed as confrontational. Acconci's work is an exploration of the self and how a body reacts within a given environment.


Lyle Ashton Harris' photography blurs the line between masculinity and femininity while questioning stereotypes of race and sexuality. Within his self portraits, Harris manages to reveal deep personal experiences while hiding behind a disguise.


Bob Flanaghan was an American writer, poet, musician and performance artist famous for his masochistic performances and examination of how individuals experience pain and sadomasochistic domination.


Robert Kern's photographs straddle the line between art and pronography as they capture intimate moments between sexual partners. The beauty within his art demonstrates Kern's ability to elevate nude photography to a personal level of art.


Yusamasa Morimura puts a satanical twist on the self-portrait by combining his face into famous works by other historic painters. Through his interesting style and attention to detail, Morimura gives us a strange look into himself as well as art history.


Pierre Molinier's photography reflects his obsessive, elaborate and highly stylized sexual fantasies. He uses an array of props and often friends to create a sexually charged environment.