Kathleen Cullen

Group Show: Change at Babylon / Project Room: Alex Haas

July 31 - September 3, 2007


Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts is pleased to present an artistic celebration of the excess, splendor and passion of summer viewed through Fire Island.


Where else but in NYC can you step on a mass-transit train and be whisked away from the chaos of the city to an island of Dionysian pleasures? A simple change at the Babylon stop and you are your our way to Fire Island—the fabled isle of hedonism, decadence, luxury and homosexuality. Cityscape turns to seascape; taxis to boats; the din of city traffic to the crash of waves; tension to release…the transformation is then complete.


Participating artists include: Carl Ferrero,Victor Gadino, Frank Holliday, Charles Hovland, Eric Payson, Susannah Ray, Walter Robinson, Andy Rosen, David Shapiro, DouglasTurnbaugh, Sandra Valenzuela, Martabel Wasserman


Project Room: Alex Haas


Continuing our fête of summer in a decidedly more minimalist bent is the work of Alex Haas. Haas takes the “DNA” of a photograph and “samples” and loops the image, much like he samples audio in his music. Using digital photographic imaging techniques he abstracts the original through his process to create a new representation that is at once technological and natural.